Apollo Landing Sites From My Front Deck

Pictures taken with a Canon A70 through a 12.5" Meade Starfinder telescope.

In these images the landing site is shown as a black rectangle on the superimposed charts. 

Apollo 11 on the Sea of Tranquility

tranquility_context.jpg tranquility_base.jpg tranquility_base_tran.jpg tranquility_base_chart.jpg

Apollo 15 on the Hadley Plain in the Appenines

hadley_context.jpg hadley.jpg hadley_chart_transparent.jpg hadley_chart.jpg

Apollo 17 in the Taurus-Littrow mountains

taurus_littrow_context.jpg taurus-littrow.jpg taurus-littrow_transparent.jpg taurus-littrow_chart.jpg

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Zoom up on the Apollo landing sites here
The above moon charts can be found onlne here