The moon (11/13/03)

Pictures taken with a Canon A70 through a 12.5" Meade Starfinder telescope. Each picture is a stack of 10 or so images processed in various ways.

whole_moon.jpg copernicus-kepler.jpg aristarchus.jpg
The moon on 11/13/03 Copernicue, Kepler and Aristarchus The region around the crater Aristarchus
copernicus.jpg plato.jpg terminator_2.jpg
Copernicus Plato above Mare Imprium on the left and the craters Aristoteles (above) and Eudoxus on the right. Mare Serenitatis is in the lower right corner. Mare Serenitatis on the left, with the craters Poseidinius and Atlas just above center.
terminator_1.jpg tranquility.jpg tycho.jpg
Mare Nectarus (center), Flanked on the left by the large craters (from top) Theophilius, Cyrilius and Datharina. The large half-crater at the of the Mare is Fracastorius. The Sea of Tranquility above, with Sinus Aperitatis below center. The southern highlands, with Tycho in the upper left
The Tycho region