The Sun

Pictures of the sun taken with a Canon A70 through a Meade ETX-125

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whole_sun_10_26_03.jpg spot5_10_26_03.jpg spot1_10_26_03.jpg
The sun on 10/26/03 The sun on 10/26/03 Sunspot closeup on 10/26/03
whole_sun_10_28_03.jpg spotset_10_28_03.jpg twospots_10_28_03..jpg
The sun on 10/28/03, around the time of the big solar flares The sun on 10/28/03 Two sunspots on 10/28/03
spot1_10_28_03.jpg spot2_10_28_03.jpg
Sunspot closeup on 10/28/03 Sunspot closeup on 10/28/03

All of these pictures were stacked from between 5 and 15 images with Kieth's Image Stacker

For the latest and best images of the sun see the SOHO and TRACE sites!