In April 1995 Daniel, David, Tom and I went down the Bass trailand out to Elves Chasm. We were in for 9 nights...

startcrewDaniel, Tom and David, getting ready to hike. It had snowed that morning.Yes, my pack cover was too small...(29.8KB)
start_viewThe view from the trailhead. It was still quite stormy, and as I leftthe Esplanade I got hailed on (rain was normal). (20.2KB)
on_bassThe view from on the Bass trail, about halfway down. The storm seemedto be clearing, but it was only teasing. (37.3KB)
rainbow_smallest_jpgAs I rounded the end of the Bass trail I was rewarded by a beautiful rainbow over the central gorge! It made it all worthwhile... (33.6KB)
daniel_tontoDaniel getting ready to bed down for the night on the tontoat the border between the Bass and Garnet regions. Daniel and Tom slept outside and put up their tent just in case. David and I knew better.Around midnight we heard rain on our tent, a lot of swearing, and them zipping up their tent. (32.6KB)
overhangIn the morning it was still raining so we hiked in the rain to thisnice overhang in Copper canyon. I learned that if I wear too muchI can get a lot wetter from my own sweat than I can from the rain. (33.2KB)
copper1The view accross the river from the overhang during the storm. (9.3KB)
copper2The same view a few hours later. Compare with the view a week later. (12.2KB)
clearing_stormWe decided the storm was clearing (this time we were right) so we hiked to the first unnamed canyon, above Walthenburg rapids, for thenight. This view is along the way accross the river. Compare with the view a week later.(55.7KB)
unnamedThe next day, resting in the second unnamed canyon. Also a good spotto find water. The sun had finally broken through! (36.1KB)
garnetWe spent that night in Garnet canyon, which is this amazing place withall sorts of rocks. This very dramatic confluence of pink and bluerock was much brighter and more vived than can be captured in thistouched-up picture. (41.2KB)
elves_route_bouldersOn the route to Elves. We'd cached a lot of stuff in Garnet, but the route is still pretty rough. Here we had to take off our packsand climb down these lava boulders. Gloves were required to avoid cutting our hands. In 97 we did this with our packs on:as Daniel put it "we are no longer wusses". (29.2KB)
lower_fallsMy first time at Elves. I was truely stunned. (45.4KB)
midfalls1 midfalls2Elves is a series of waterfalls through a crack in the wall. Here are two of the falls in sequence. The large boulder in the top of theleft picture is the same as the boulder in the bottom of the right picture. (48.8KB, 45.2KB)
top_elfOne of the elves, at the highest point we went in 95. In 97 we figured out how to go higher. (29.7KB)
steve_poolHere I'm taking a dunk in the pool just above where thestream enters the river. In 95 the pool was sandy and empty.In 97, after the controlled flood experiments, the wholebank of the pool was covered with sand and the pool wasfilled with rather large fish (trout?). (30.9KB)
daniel_cookingDaniel cooking one of his wonderful gourmet homemade trail meals on thebeach where we spent the two nights we were at Elves. (30.5KB)
dinner_viewOn the way back, having dinner overlooking the river just east of Garnet (I think). Couldn't ask for a better dinner view! (52.0KB)
sunset_tontoBedding down that night. Of course we had to sleep far away from each other at this point due to the smell... (22.2KB)
sunrise_tontoThe view the next morning. This is why we were here. (16.0KB)
hakataiBedding down just east of the first unnamed canyon. A truelyincredible view accross the river. Compare with the view a week before. (60.2KB)
copper3The same view as before, a week later on the way back. (25.4KB)
bass_switchbacksA view of the switchbacks climbing the redwall at the back oflower Bass canyon. Yes, that's my camera bag in the way. I wasa little tired... (37.7KB)
dinner_esplanadeWe hiked about 2/3 out, stopping for the night just below the Esplanade. Another wonderful dinner view. (14.9KB)
end_crewA very happy crew in the end. (32.6KB)

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