Hermit to Slate and Back, April 1989In April 1989 Daniel and I went down the Hermit trailand out to Slate canyon. We were in for 8 nights...

daniel_car.jpgDaniel getting ready at the trailhead. (26.6KB)
hermit_sunrise.jpgThe view from the top of the trail. (19.2KB)
steve_pack.jpgMe at the bottom of the whitewall. I got a really bad sunburn day hikingthe day before down the grandview, so I needed to be covered up. (33.3KB)
daniel_ciao.jpgDaniel taking a break on the redwall. (29.8KB)
steve_rock.jpgTaking a break. What a view! (27.7KB)
hermit_montage_jpegThe view accross Hermit canyon. The Boucher trail is just below the redwall. (46.5KB)
hermit_accross_river.jpgAccross the river from high on the Hermit trail. (41.6KB)
steve_tonto.jpgdaniel_tonto.jpgsunset.jpgEnd of the second day, on the tonto just west of Boucher Canyon. (19.1KB, 16.7KB, 29.4KB)
ra.jpgThe temple of ra, accross the river, at Sunset. (33.3KB)
steve_slate.jpgTo get to the river at Slate, you have to go down about a 300 foot scramble.Here I am at the top of the scramble. (31.0KB)
scramble_slate.jpgThe scramble seen from the bottom. (25.6KB)
river_slate.jpgThe river at Slate (Crystal Rapids). (18.1KB)
river_boucher.jpgThe river at Boucher. (37.2KB)

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