Honaunau Bay and Two-Step

Honaunau bay is next to the Honaunau (City of Refuge)state park, and is a large beautiful reef frequented by manydramatically colored fish and sea turtles. Click hereto go to a wonderful page on sea turtles.

Honaunau bay has beautiful clear blue inviting water. (Aug 1998)

You get into Honaunau bay at "Two-Step", two ledgesstepping off into maybe 7 feet deep. The most graceful entry andexit I can imagine. (Aug 1998)

Here I am apparently pretty deep. Pretty good considering I can'tswim! As my snorkeling instructor put it "the hard partabout swimming is keeping your head above water". I lovebeing underwater, moving freely in 3D. (Jan 1999)

Here's my friend lynn diving down to explore the beautifulscenery. (Jan 1999)

Most of the fish pictures weren't very good (like this one) but'cause it's my favorite fish I had to include it. (Jan 1999)

Here's a sea turtlesurfacing from deep water and going back down. It's shell ismaybe 4 feet across. The first time I saw a sea turtle it wascoming up from very deep water straight at me. I had to move toget out of its way! (Aug 1998)

Here's another seaturtle meandering around in shallower water. It didn't seem tomind my tagging around at all! (Aug 1998)

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