What's the Matter?

Elementary Particles and the Basic Forces ofNature

Class notes by Steve Bryson


Useful World Wide Web Sites:

www.fnal.gov/fermilab_home.htmlis the site of fermilab, the largest accelerator in theworld, where the bottom and top quarks were discovered.

www.slac.stanford.edu/is the site of the Stanford Linear Accelerator, where thequark structure of the proton, charmed quark and tau lepton werediscovered.

www.cern.ch/ is thesite of the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN), Europe'sbig accelerator where the W and Z bosons were first observed.Incidentally, CERN is where the world wide web was invented.

www-pdg.lbl.gov/is the home of the Particle Data Group, located in Berkeley,which compiles all the latest information on the properties ofelementary particles. Be sure and check their "otherinteresting sites" link.

www-pdg.lbl.gov/cpep/adventure.htmlis a very nice educational site created by the Particle DataGroup.

www.yahoo.com/Science/Physics/High_Energy_and_Particle_Physicsis a general directory of web sites about particle physics.

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