Quantum Worlds

Quantum Mechanics and its Interpretation

Class notes by Steve Bryson


Software for Mac OS X

The qantum waves programs for Macintosh OS X 10.2

Atom in a Box a program showing the quantum waves of the electron of a Hydrogen atom in 3D.

Nice Web Sites:

The Quantum Mechanicssection of the physics virtual bookshelf, which lists a wealth of educationalresources on quantum mechanics.

Visual Quantum MechanicsThe software link gives a collection of animations showing various aspects of quantum mechanics.

Motion in a potentialshows movies of quantum mechanical motion under the influence of forces.

Visual quantum mechanics(different from the above) gives a semi-technical description of conventional quantum mechanics.

A Translation of the famous Schroedinger's Cat paperwhere the discussion of the cat appears at the end of section 5.

http://www.aip.org/history/is the physics history web site of the American Institute of Physics, and pointsto many other physics-oriented web sites around the world.

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