Up the Huckleberry Trail to the Side of Mount Tam

A walk we took from our house in April 2005

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The Madrone tree at the beginning of the Huckleberry trail Hanna at the beginning of the trail The view from the first vista point, about 1/3 of the way up
IMG_4391.JPG huck_pan_small.jpg IMG_4398.JPG
The trail enters the redwoods A panarama from the second vista point, 2/3 of the way up A closeup of Tamalpais drive and the bay
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The first view of Mt. Tamalpais Mt Tamalpais from the top of the trail San Francisco
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Hanna at the top of the trail Steve California Poppies
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Madera creek on the side of Mt. Tam. Our favorite resting spot More cascades on Madera creek
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Wild Iris Wild Lupin Morning Glory with a Bee hard at work
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Looking back on our ridge from the side of Mt. Tamalpais Another wild iris Spring Flowers
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Dawn Falls in Madrone Canyon Wild forget-me-nots